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Leather jacket and print trousers: in a league of their own

The essence of coolitude: substance takes precedence over quantity as the Zadig wardrobe breaks away from traditional beauty standards with two key pieces. Be inspired, express yourself. 

A primitive print takes rugged leather on a wild ride, leaving behind dainty wardrobes in search of adventure. Sparks fly between the loose-fit crêpe trousers and the iconic jacket. The outfit glows even brighter with studded accessories that manage to stay off the beaten path of fashion.

 Style guide:
• The boyfriend tank top and couture scarf deepens the paradox

• Trainers with just enough studs to add interest but avoid causing a commotion
• Instead of a bag, a wallet – dramatic and carried like a clutch – polishes off the look

Legend : Loon Bis vest, Parone Camou pants, Hilda Raye top, Holly Tie Skull scarve, sneakers ZV1747,  Compagnon Saffiano wallet

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