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Bangkok, baroque trio

Straight from another century, these three chic nomads are the new face of the french rock scene. We sat with them during their photo shoot for Zadig & Voltaire. Elegance: this word suits them best.

In their early thirty, these three boys already lived a thousand lives. With their first EP, Bangkok becomes the new outsider of the French rock scene. Their music imposes itself between glam and glitter, electro-pop and disco, a style as unique as them. Off duty, their lives are anything but ordinary. In between two concerts, the brothers Melchior and Barthélemy and Antoine, their childhood friend, travel the world looking for precious stones. Wild and free, discover “Maya Girl” the first single of this culturally different band.

Bangkok, the band: faith or fate?
It was obvious! We have always been playing music; I met Antoine around a piano. Otherwise we would probably never became friend. Music is both our passion.

What defines you, musically speaking?
We give a lot of attention to voices and harmonies. We are also quite nostalgic of the 70’S and the 80’S as we heard that music a lot. If we had to describe our music, I would say we are closer to the glamrock current. Our music is everything but dark.

Beside music, is Bangkok a lifestyle?
It is more a philosophy. A matter of taste, esthetic and friendship.

What is your definition of elegance?
Being bold and free from any complex.

Did your travels influenced your style?
We lived many years in Thailand and in South America. These cultures influenced us a lot. We have always been nomads: everything we have holds in a bag and we are always ready to set sail. Our way of life is very nomad, we share everything.

Making music in trio:
3 is the lucky number! You can’t hardly make mistakes when you’re three. There is always one of us to settle an argument and another to highlight the ideas of the team. We can say and hear anything from each other. That is the benefit of being raised in a big family. You learn to compose with the different personalities since your younger age.

What are your relationships with your entourage and friends?
We are like a small tribe. We can hardly imagine growing old without having each other near. It is our secret power that gives us self-confidence and allows us to get loose. Whatever we do we still have this unique link that bounds us.

What is the craziest thing you have done together?
Definitely a concert In front of 17 000 people in Madagascar. We settled in a small village of 500 inhabitants located at 2000 meters of altitude. During a month we invited people through the local radio that was only transmitting one hour per day. Slowly but surely, people started to camp in front of the future scene. We selected other bands to play with us. It became a sort of malgasy Woodstock. In the audience men were fighting zebus, shamans were doing incantations… That was a heck of an experience!

What would be your symbolic piece?
The travelling shawl that protects from the sun, the cold, the wind and the sand storm.

What about your icons?
Sénèque, Lautréamont and Laurence d’Arabie.

Picture: Alexandre Tabaste

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