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Pharell Leopard Legging and Victor Star jacket: Rock Revolution !

Prematurely, a festival air for a comfortable but high tempered silhouette. Very rock, the legging changes tone with a very feminine jacket without losing its substance. Subtle mix for an easy look, the silhouette becomes a nuances matter.

 Grunge boots and an ad hoc cap, between land and sea.
 Comfort the allure with a totemic belt and a mini purse more than keeping your hands in your pockets.
 For Valentine’s day go for a Tunisian shirt instead of the band tee-shirt. The message is clear.

Legends: Pharell Leopard Deluxe Legging, Laureen Roma boots, Navy cap, Victor Star Deluxe jacket, Tunisian shirt, Paded XS Skinny love bag, Bird belt.

Photo: Joe Molines

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