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Roasted mini-artichokes with gremolata, and lemon yogurt with zaatar from Jodi Moreno

Zadig & Voltaire gets everything right and good: each month, the brand gives you its recipe, in collaboration with a tasteful and brilliant culinary blogger.

This cooking-addict, ex aspiring photographer, moved into this new occupation out of passion for the healthy food. Follower of a natural and simple cuisine, Jodi Moreno promotes quality. Her moto : «less is more». Combine a minimum of ingredients to get a maximum effect: a lot of vegetables, raw or seasonal products: you get a food which does good to your body and soul. «It’s amazing how more energetic and rested you can become / how you can save in energy and sleep when you eat natural products», tells this New Yorker from her stoves in West Village. Her fans won’t contradict her: her blog is really successful, Jordi has also 14 000 followers on Instagram (@jodiwhatscookin).

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Recipe for 4 persons

The artichokes:

- 12 mini-artichokes - the juice from a half lemon - olive oil - salt and pepper

The Gremolata

- a small handful of chopped parsley - a big clove of garlic - a lemon

The lemon yogurt and zaatar:

- 200 g of Greek whole yogurt - 1 tablespoon zaatar - 1 tablespoon olive oil - 1 tablespoon lemon juice - ¼ teaspoon paprika - a pinch of salt - pepper - 1 teaspoon chopped chive (optional)

Preparation of the gremolata:

• Put the chopped parsley in a bowl. Grate the garlic clove over the parsley with a zester ; Chop the remaining garlic pieces you couldn’t grate. Grate the lemon over the parsley and garlic, mix the preparation and save it. Preparation of the zaatar yogurt: • In a middle-size bowl, mix all the ingredients with the yogurt until you get a homogenous mixture. Cover and save in the refrigerator until it is time to serve. Preparation and cooking of the artichokes: • Preheat the oven at 200° • In a mixing bowl, mix the lemon juice with water and ice. It will prevent the artichokes from getting black. • Peel the artichokes: remove the thick and green external leaves until you reach the yellow, tender ones. Cut off the leaves’ prickly point (a few millimeters), as well as the end of the stems. With a peeling knife, cut off the stringy edges that surround the hearts. Cut the artichokes lengthwise in half and put them in the mixing bowl with lemon water. • When the artichokes are all peeled, drain them and put them on a small cooktop. Add one or two teaspoon olive oil, season with salt and pepper. • Put them in oven 15 minutes, turn them upside down, then put them back 5 to 10 minutes in the oven, until they brown and get tender


• Put the artichokes into a mixing bowl, sprinkle them with gremolata. Serve immediately, still hot, with the yogurt.