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Mushrooms and two cheeses pastas from Pinch of Yum.

Zadig and Voltaire is always right: each month, the brand offers its recipe in collaboration with a genius blogger. In February, these rich and tasty pastas help us to go through this season.

She cooks, he keeps a close watch by putting online her delicious and tasty recipes. Lindsay and Bjork, aka Pinch of Yum*, distil in the course of their blog a cook that looks like them, with no frills nor yoke. From their Minnesota, they create dishes as generous as full of spirit, from their spicy cabbage burger to their very personal Korean barbecue. Former Filipino expatriates, where they work one year in an orphanage, Bjork and Lindsay love to associate bitter and sweet and the subtle to the very spicy. Their home-made pepper-mint mocha and their Thai sweet potato curry are to die for. Behind these savors and this snap, it is a whole other tempers that express itself: festive, simple and generous. A cook to savour without moderation. Between friends, of course…

For 6 to 8 people

- 500g of whole wheat farfalle
- 3 table spoons butter
- 700g of sliced Paris Mushrooms
- 80ml white wine
- 120ml wheat cream
- 1 coffee spoon salt
- 240ml of vegetables broth
- 50g parmesan
- 400g sliced spinach
- 200g Holland cheese
- Pepper


 Cook the farfalles as indicated on the package. Drained and reserved.
 Heat the butter in a large pan on a medium fire. Add the mushrooms, let them brown for 5 to 10 minutes (they must become tender and reduce by half). Add the white wine, mix well. Add the wheat cream and the salt.
 In a large saucepan mix the pastas and the mushroom cream. Add more or less broth to your taste.
 Sprinkle the warm pastas with the parmesan. Add the spinach and the Holland cheese before serving the pastas. Add a little pepper.


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