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Ask me about Paris


«Tour Eiffel», left bank and Jane Birkin: Yvan Attal’s essentials of Paris
Places to recommend, icons and habits: le most stylish among French actors portrays his city.
100% intimist interview.

The Parisian’s main character trait, and yours?
Grumpy and grouchy, like me. But I stop that as soon as I leave Paris.

The good quality you prefer about « la Parisienne »?
Elegant, never vulgar, special…

And her main flaw?
Wearing a man’s big watch …

Your favorite occupation in Paris?
Sidewalk café, newspaper, cigarette.

Ham and butter sandwich or saint-honoré pastry?
Sandwich, without any hesitation.

A mythical film scene shot in Paris?
In Un monde sans pitié, when Hippolyte Girardot turns off the Eiffel Tower in a snap of a finger.

A gallery you like in Paris?

What do nowadays women lack of?
Ask them, they know better than I do.

A coffee shop: Le Flore, Les Deux Magots or the bar downstairs?
Le Flore.

An area you like : Saint-Germain-des-Prés or le Marais ?

A really parisienne icon: Romy, Catherine or Jane?
Jane Forever !

Left of right bank?
Always left. Even in bed, when I look at it.

Two songs you like to listen to when you go walking in Paris?
Gymnopédie N°3 by the RPA and A Song About Love from Jake Bugg.

Your favorite street?
The one I live in, and the ones around.

A colour which can sum up the city?
A pale colour.

A monument you never get tired about?
« La Tour Eiffel » !!!

A bridge : Pont des Arts or Alexandre-III ?

Your favorite dining place in Paris?
I don’t have one only … No jealous.

A park in Paris?
Tuileries - funfair - kids.

Your favorite Zadig & Voltaire shop?
The one in Vieux-Colombier Street, in Saint-Germain.

To escape the city during a weekend, what do you bring in your suitcase?
iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. And the chargers… I’m so addicted.

Your favorite item from Zadig & Voltaire’s new collection?
The coat called Mastic.

* 18, rue de Seine (Paris VI).

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