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Marseille, the ultimate mix

Ancient but plural and in constant mutation, under the Mediterranean sun, the phocaean city reserved more than one surprise. A rediscovery is necessary.

Marseille reinvents itself between tradition and modernity. From the Mediterranean villa to the fish market, from the Mucem vine to Saint Victor’s abbey, a city of legends and a land of fantasy: Reinvested by architecture’s masters, reanimated by a new breath, its heart beats harder than ever without collapsing. During a week end under its incredible sky, the city shows a different face to the one who knows how to look at it. At dawn, the Friche - La Belle de Mai’s terrace has a Californian west coast look; the very chill DJ Set imposes its mid-tempo. The corniche, on the other side, offers lots of discoveries and rare things, among them the Péron Hotel and its 20’S facade. The city’s exploration is a constant come and go into time and space, to the incredibly turquoise waters of the littoral or to the Vallon des Auffes’s troglodyte swimming pool. Nor postal card nor caricature, this picturesque city knows how to play the game of balanced traditions: you can taste navettes or organic and local vegetables, make talismans out of sea shells. In fine Norman Foster’s visionary work of art of Marseille’s old harbor synthetizes the city in few words: a city capable of every changes where it is good to get lost between past, present and future.

Illustration: Hello Marine
Photos: Dino

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