Ridney Deluxe Dress: The blue collar turns into a ludic leather piece: the dress overall acquires its titles of nobility in a cool version. It softly chooses its part in light and graphic mode.

Kate Men’s Bombers. Icon of 2016’s style, perfectly cut and sheen, enhanced by a removable padded intern jacket, it becomes essential. Volatile in the spirit but never inconsistent: be ready to take off.

Sac Sunny Bubble: A convertible that knows how to keep its cards hidden: that perfect for the city Zadig & Voltaire essential transforms itself into a 48hours bag once unzipped.

Fragrance Tome 1 For Her: Beauty, sobriety: inside its uncluttered bottle, an all in nuances fragrance: orange blossom, jasmine tea, almond milk and white musk. Powdered, immaculate, a virginal sensuality.


Modern Times

Zadig diverts the « working class », sport or military dressings and codes for an all in nuances silhouette.