Mods Defile, the flash forward boots

Totem of the cool, the new kind of boots designed by Zadig takes you into a spatial adventure before landing on the feet of style’s greatest icons. Spirit are you here?

More than a punctuation, a signature. When it comes to the ‘boots’ chapter, the Mods are the new incarnation of style by Zadig. They borrow its fashion sense to the famous British tribe. They are the sharpest. More futurist than retro, they mix, at the same time, the aestheticism of a Ziggy Stardust and the 60’S cosmic label - the spatial silver V standing for Bowie’s lightening. Cleverly conceived,they neglect none of Z&V facture’s elements. Precision in the details, materials choc: majority of leather and python, ZV rivets, metallic wings on the heel, zipped… Why choosing between comfort and attitude? Intergalactic silver, black and green funk. A self-assertiveness: an exclusive line and spirit, the Mods embrace and slender the feet. Impossible to refuse their advances…

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