“Valentines Rock” Competition Game Rules



Article 1 – The Game


ZV France (hereinafter, the “Organiser” or “Zadig et Voltaire”), a French “société par actions simplifiée” (type of limited company with reduced reporting requirements) with capital of € 191,118.33, whose registered office is located at 11 Avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris, recorded on the Trade and Companies Register ("RCS") with number 413 484 981,

Represented for the purposes hereof by Thiery Gillier, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, is organising a competition game untitled Valentines Rock* (hereinafter, the “Game”) from February 1st, 2018 at midnight (Paris time) until February, 14th  at 23.59 p.m. (Paris time) (hereinafter, the “Game Period”).


 * The game is free; no purchase is required to enter


Article 2 — Participation


Anyone who participates in the Game states that she/he agrees wholly and fully to these rules, in all its provisions, to the ethics rules in effect on the internet, and to the laws and regulations that apply to free games.


2.1 Condition for participation


This Game is open to any individual minor or over the age of majority in his/her country of residence, living in continental France (including Corsica and Monaco) and in the countries of the European Union, with the exception of the members of the staff of the Organiser, and of any person that has taken part directly or indirectly in organising and creating it, as well as their spouses and family members (hereinafter, the “Participant(s)”).


When the winner is selected, the Organiser reserves the right to ask any Participant to provide evidence of these conditions. Any person who does not fulfil these conditions or who refuses to provide evidence of them will be excluded from the Game and will not be able to receive the prize in the case he/she wins.


Similarly, any false declaration, or false statement of identity or address will cause the immediate elimination of the Participant. In this connection, the Participants authorise any checks concerning their identity, age or the honesty of their participation.


2.2. Means of Participation


To take part in the random drawing, the Participant shall fill the participation form available on following link:http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/eu/en/valentines-rock-ss18-contest/ starting his/her last name, first name, email address, postal code, date of birth, country.


Participation will be accepted once the Participant presses “Participate” on the form. Entries will be accepted continuously throughout the Game Period.


The only way to participate in the Game is to fill out the web entry form. Any incomplete or incorrect form, any entry by telephone, fax, postal mail or email will not be accepted.


Participation is limited to one (1) entry per person (same last name, same first name, same email address, same phone number) throughout the Game Period.



2.3 Validity of participation


The Organiser shall be entitled to cancel all or part of the Game if it appears that frauds have occurred in any way whatsoever, particularly involving computers, in the scope of participation in the Game. In such a case, the Organiser reserves the right not to award the prize to the fraudsters and/or to sue the perpetrators of these frauds in court.


It is explicitly agreed that the Organiser shall be entitled to make use of programs, data, files, computer entries, operations and any other factors in computer or electronic format or medium, including for the purposes of proving any breach by the Participants of the provisions of the rules.



Article 3 – Selection of the winner


The Participants who filled in the entry form properly before the end of the Game Period will be included in the random draw which will select one (1) winner.


The random draw will take place on February 15th, 2018. The date of the random draw may be modified without notice in the event that a fraud in this Game has been identified, and then the Organiser will be required to run a new random draw.


The winner will be selected after her/his eligibility for winning the Prize has been checked. If it turns out that the winner does not meet the criteria, her/his prize will not be awarded to her/him. In such a case, the winner will definitely loose his/her prize and another winner will be drawn in the same conditions.


No message will be sent to the losers.




Article 4 – Prize and award of the Prize


4.1 The Prize


The winner of the Game drawn at random shall be entitled to one (1) prize consisting of (2) perfumes:  Zadig & Voltaire x Virginia Elwood : This is her (70€ all taxes included) of 50 ml et This is him (55€ all taxes included) of 50 ml(hereinafter, “the Prize”).


The Prize is personal and cannot be sold or offered to third parties without the Organiser’s consent.


The winner undertakes to agree to the Prize selected as offered, without the possibility of exchanging it for cash or other goods or services of any kind whatsoever. The Prize cannot lead to a dispute or complaint of any kind. The winner undertakes not to sue the Organiser concerning the Prize.


The Organiser reserves the right to replace the Prize by another prize of equivalent value and with similar characteristics, for any reason whatsoever, and it shall not be open to law suits on this count.


4.2 Award of the Prize


The winner will be contacted personally by email as soon as possible after the draw at the email address he/she provided in the entry form. The winner shall have seven (7) business days after the results are announced to claim his/her Prize, by sending an email address to the following address: serviceclients@zadigetvoltaire.com The winner shall confirm in his/her confirmation email the means of attribution of the Prize, either:


  1. Withdrawal of the Prize in the Zadig & Voltaire store of his/her choice
  2. Sending of the Prize by postal mail at the address indicated by the winner in his confirmation email.


If the winner does not claim the Prize within seven (7) business days after the results are announced, it will be considered that she/he has given up the Prize and another random drawing will be held, by the Organizer in the same conditions.


Any Prize that cannot be distributed due to an error or omission in the winner’s contact details, or a change in those contact details, or in the case that the Prize is not claimed or for any other reasons attributable to the winner, will be deemed lost.


Article 5 – Personal Data


5.1 Use of personal data


The Participants are providing to the Organiser personal data concerning them intended for the use by the Organiser for the purposes of the Game, including for organising it, processing the Participant’s entry and sending the Prize.


The personal data collected may also be used, subject to the rights of the Participants, to inform them by e-mail of the products, services and commercial offers offered by the Organizer.


The personal data provided by the Participants are collected by the Organizer. The personal data collected through the Game form may be sent to partner companies, to allow, in particular, the organization of the Game, the allocation of the Prize and in general the treatment of the uses of the personal data set forth above such as the management of marketing operations organized by the Organizer or its partners.


Pursuant to the French law of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing and freedoms, each Participant has the right to access, to correct and delete the information provided concerning him/her. In order to exercise her/his right, the Participant shall write to the following address:


ZV France

Zadig et Voltaire

Service Clients

11 Avenue d’Iéna

75116 Paris



In accordance with the aforementioned law on data processing, the request for access, rectification or deletion must be made by means of a signed letter from the author from which it is issued and be accompanied by a copy of an ID of the person exercising his/her right and specifying the address of reply. The Organizer shall response to this request within two (2) months upon its reception.


5.2 Protection of minor under 16 year old


Participants under the age of sixteen (16) cannot register for the Game alone. The Organizer encourages all parents or any person having parental authority to favor from the Participants, minors under sixteen (16) years, careful and responsible behavior when communicating their personal data on the internet.


If you are the parent of a minor who has provided personal data in connection with the Game and you have not authorized such communication and you wish to have the data deleted, you should write to the Organizer by the means indicated above in article 5.1.








Article 6 — Liability


Participation to the Game implies that the Participant has familiarised her/himself with and agrees to the features and limits of the internet, particularly as concerns technical performance, response times to view, query and transfer data, the risks of interruption and, more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transmission over the internet, the lack of protection of some data against potential piracy and the risks of contamination by any viruses that are roaming around on the internet.


The Organiser will not be liable in the event that the internet or applications should malfunction and prevent access to the Game or hinder its operation. In particular, the Organiser shall not be held liable for any external malevolent acts.


If the Organiser makes every effort to offer users information and/or tools that are available and verified. The Organiser shall not be able to be held liable for errors (including those of posting on the Game sites and erroneous emails), a lack of availability of information and/or the presence of viruses on the site.

Each Participant is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data and/or software that are stored on his/her own telephone and computer equipment against attack. Anyone who logs onto the site and takes part in the Game does so at his/her own liability.


In all circumstances, if the proper administrative and/or technical running of the Game is disturbed by a cause that is not within the power of the Organiser, the Organiser reserves the right to suspend the Game.




Article 7 – Access of the rules and amendments to the rules


Throughout the Game Period, these complete rules are available on the Organiser’s website at:


-          [ http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/eu/fr/reglement-concours-saint-valentin-18/ ] (for a French version of the rules).


-          [ http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/eu/en/reglement-concours-saint-valentin-18-en/ ] (for an English version of the rules).


A copy of the present rules will also be sent free of charge by postal mail to any person who makes a written request on paper, with legible and complete contact details (name, first name, postal address) to the following postal address:

ZV France

Zadig et Voltaire

Service Clients

11 avenue d’Iena – 75116 PARIS - France


No queries made orally concerned the Game will be answered. Any complaint should be sent in writing to the Organiser at the above-stated address prior to March 2nd,2018. Beyond that deadline, no queries will be accepted.


The Organiser reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel the Game at any time, particularly in the event of force majeure as defined by the French Civil Code and French Courts, and Participants shall not be entitled to any compensation. Any modification will be issued in a rider published on the Organiser’s website at the address [merci de completer].




Article 8 – Intellectual Property


The images used within the framework of the Game by the Organizer, the objects, products represented, trademarks and trade names mentioned, graphic elements, photos, visuals, composting databases are the exclusive property of the Organizer or the group to which it belongs, and may not be extracted, reproduced, represented or exploited without the written authorization of the latter, subject to civil and / or criminal liability. All brands or product names mentioned are trademarks or registered product names of their respective owners.



Article 9 - Translation


The rules are translated in French and English. In case of inconsistencies between the two versions of the rules, the French version shall prevail.


Article 10 – Applicable law and jurisdiction


These rules are to be construed according to French law, subject to public policy provisions that apply in the Participant’s country of residence.

Any dispute pertaining to the application or interpretation of these rules, if it cannot be solved via negotiation between the Parties, shall come under the authority of the French courts subject to public policy provisions that apply in the Participant’s country of residence.