Natasha Andrews, the special someone of argentic.

Actress, photograph, self-made woman: this beautiful Australian is multi-talented. A real artist like we love. She recently shooted a serie of pictures for Zadig & Voltaire.

 In “actress” mode, we will see her soon in ‘Le Grand Jeu’, Nicolas Pariser latest movie, next to Melvil Poupaud and André Dussollier. In her very busy life, Natasha Andrews admits that she has a passion for argentic photography and nothing else. ‘I started with a polaroid, says Natasha, and I still have one somewhere’. Like William Eggleston (her idol, they also have the same  camera), she collects instantaneous snapshots full of poetry. Her photos, already published in prestigious art magazines show ‘people, their faces, their energy’. Like in 2013 when she left for Palestine to follow an itinerant theater company. If the exercise has something therapeutic for actors, she hasn’t come back unharmed. “It took me a month to recover from this journey”. Capture life moments: a moto that she recently used for Zadig & Voltaire by realizing – from styling to shooting – some pictures in Los Angeles and New York’s streets. Women, ‘actress, friends’, as flames portraits captured on the moment. When we ask her why she wanted to collaborate with the French brand, Natasha answers, without hesitating: “I admire their artistic commitment when it comes  to discover young talents. Their approach is sincere.”

Photos : Julien Vallon ; Natasha Andrews