Cecilia and Charlotte Bonstrom



Women of influence, they share the same marks and the same tastes. For Cecilia and her twin sister Charlotte, Christmas stays an enchanted parenthesis with delightful Scandinavian accents.

Is your Christmas more traditional or dissident?
Traditional! Only the family is present. On the morning of the 25th, we all have Christmas pants that wait for us outside our door and then we all go for a giant breakfast. We spend the day playing games and eating tones of Swedish delights.

Would you rather go for a French or Swedish Christmas?
Both have their charms: the Swedish one for its immaculate white, the French one for its incredible presents. Long Live France!

What are your Christmas’ majors?
The Christmas tree of course, the “Lusse Kat”, this small bread shaped like an eight with two raisins that look like eyes and lightly perfumed with saffron; ‘l’Advent Ljusstake’ a chandelier that you light a candle every Sunday of December; the Aladdin chocolate pralines, a typically Swedish sweet and the gingerbread.

What’s your favorite Christmas dish?
The gravlax with potatoes and dill sauce.

Can we skip the turkey?
Yes, in Sweden we prefer smoked ham with mustard.

The sweet or salty delight that you cannot resist?
A plate of shortbread cookies like the one that used to make our grand-mother Karin… The Börnstörm have a liking for sugar…

A dream place to spend this period of the year?
Our childhood city, Göteborg, very close from the archipelago. These days we are building a house for our parents there – the ideal place for the Christmas to come with a view on the frozen ocean. We unfortunately are too separated, we live between Paris, New York, Sweden and Berlin.

Are you twin in your way of celebrating Christmas?
Absolutely. As real twins, we love the same things. Our parents raised us in the respect of traditions that we both strictly follow during this period of the year.

Your best Christmas memory?
The one of our childhood. The moon shining on the snow, the wood burning in the chimney and suddenly someone comes knocking on the door, his basket filled with presents… It was so real that we believed in Santa Claus for a long time.

The tradition that you dream to bring in France?
The Swedish sweets.

One Christmas song that you are obsessed with?
“Last Christmas” from Wham!

Your favorite presents?
Charlotte that lives in New York offers tickets for Broadway shows to the eldest and BEAT headphones to the youngest… As for me, I did in Zadig & Voltaire latest collection for both. I reserve her a personalized Candide Bag with her initials on it.

In a perfect world, who would be your Santa Claus?
Michael Fassenbender, without hesitating.

Your season’s favorite drink?
Mulled wine

The supreme taste error, according to you, during this period of the year?
To make Christmas a commercial holiday when it is supposed to be a family one… That is the reason why we go the midnight mass. This is essential for us.

An advice for a successful Christmas?
Turn cellphones off!

One Zadig & Voltaire clothe to put under the Christmas tree?
A JUST pullover in boilled cashmere: it’s a real holiday blanky!

KNACKS (traditional Swedish toffees)

1dl Whip cream
250ml Maple Syrup
200g Crystal sugar

Mix the cream with the maple syrup and the sugar in a bowl that supports high temperatures. Put the bowl without covering it in the micro wave and heat it for 8 minutes at maximum temperature. You will obtain a dough. Put this dough in toffee molds, firstly placed on a curved plate filled with a little water (when the toffee molds are floating they have less chance to spill). Let them cool down. It’s ready!

For 60 pieces

100g butter
90g sugar
380g oats
2 coffee spoons of cocoa
1 coffee spoon of vanilla sugar
2 coffee spoons of punch
Coconut powder

Put the butter out of the fridge. Cut it in cubes. Use a fork to mix it with sugar, add cocoa and vanilla sugar. Slowly incorporate oats. When the mixture is almost ready add the punch. Roll this dough into balls and roll them into coconut powder. It’s ready!

Potatoes and anchovy gratin

1 red oignon
1 spoonful butter
8 to 10 potatoes
100g canned anchovy
2dl whip cream
1dl milk
1 spoonful bread crumb

Pre-heat your oven (220°). Peal and cut the onion in small strips. Let them brown in a pan with a little butter. Peal and cut the potatoes in small strips. Paint a gratin flat with the rest of the butter. Cover with a layer of potatoes and then a layer of onions and to finish a layer of anchovy. Water the whole dish with the cream and the milk. Sprinkle with the bread crumb. Cook for 20 minutes.


Picture: Alexandre Tabaste.