… declares Zadig et Voltaire in chic letters on its creations and accessories. A fashion manifesto with a modern spirit, resolutely arty and rock ‘n’ roll. Signed by Thierry Gillier.  

A graduate of the Parson School of Design in New York and passionate collector, this visionary founder was the first to exhibit modern works of art near the Men’s/ Women’s / Children’s lines in his stores and offices.

Since June 2017, new Paris flagship store dedicated to art and fashion. The “2 rue Cambon” has its own gallery, managed by art expert Patricia Marshall. Among the pieces of the Maison private collection… A sculpture by Phillip Lai. Acrylics by Steven Shearer, Sarah Crowner, A.R. Penck and Günther  Förg. Continuous installation that this space with graphic perspectives that can be discovered during   the FIAC, the 19-22 October 2017.

This is Zadig. This is Art. The free expression of a style that plays with codes. Modern.