Zadig & Voltaire Loves Lui

A very special evening for a collaboration to put in all hands. Zadig celebrates men (and women) with a collector tee-shirt in collaboration with LUI magazine. A desire, graphic and quirky object, celebrated in Paris at the same time that the new edition of the very chic man magazine.

In the loft-like shop, on the Vieux Colombier’s street, men are in honor. A double celebration, this 3 December, with a party were they can both exclusively discover the collector Zadig & Voltaire Loves Lui tee-shirt and the brand new edition of the famous Lui Magazine, collector as well. Lara Stone, Anja Rubik, Carolyn Murphy, Malgosia Bela or Jourdan Dunn: 12 beautiful women for 12 very special editions. In between our cashmere and leather iconic pieces, this party stands as an ode to women. A family business to, as Frédéric Beigbeder - Lui’s chief redactor - is also here. For him, this collaboration was clear water: “The link between Zadig & Voltaire and Lui started along ago! Says Frédéric. Zadig & Voltaire had already created a limited Tunisian tee-shirt edition “Au Secours Pardon” for the launching of my novel in 2006. I know and appreciate well this crazy band that give the brand all its freshness and creativity. The LUI tone is very close to the Zadig’s rock’n’roll spirit. And Voltaire above all. Everybody asked us for this new tee-shirt. Now they know where to find it!” Behind its thick cotton, it’s all the Zadig & Voltaire clan that is put under the spotlight. Cecilia Bönström Zadig & Voltaire’s artistic director: “Jean-Yves Le Fur (president and publication’s director), LUI’s brain is a very good friend and a close collaborator. As Frédéric Beigbeder is concerned, he is, in my opinion, the incarnation of the left bank man. I love LUI: It’s an historical, sexy and rebel magazine that I already liked when I arrived in Paris in 1989. He brings a sulphurous and chic touch that our time needs.” Thick Cotton, velvet applications, perfect finishings: the Zadig & Voltaire Loves Lui answers to this precise and rebel aesthetic too. Originally wear by men and women during the evening under the brand’s iconic jackets, this ‘twisted’ basic has been maturely thought: high collar, structured material “with a small tricolor flag inside the neck, says Cecilia, it is an important detail, even if I’m Swedish: it is not a matter of patriotism, but a matter of national cohesion to claim the fact of being French these days.” Between know-how and modernity, in the heart of the left bank, Zadig affirms its ‘home made’ dimension and put men in the spotlight