Joseph, the guitarist "To us, style is a matter of universe"

Pop, groove and funk: a band that loves mixing genders

Raoul, guitarist (KATE jacket, TAB shirt, SROKES jeans)

Tanguy, drummer (TACKL shirt, PLATINE BLACK jeans)

Simone, singer : «mix thrift shop clothes and new ones. And keep the best for the scene where everything is allowed.»

Klem, bass player (LASSO jacket)


MINUIT, Rock’s children

Carried by Simone and Raoul (Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin’s children aka the Rita Mitsouko), this Parisian quintet practices less the musical filiation than the science of hybrid mix, perfect and unique in its category. Clockwork mechanism and perfect dosage: and suddenly, Minuit was born.

Paradox: a term that sums up pretty well this band, promised from its beginning to a brilliant future. Children are what they are made, Simone Ringer and Raoul Chichin (respectively daughter and son of the Rita Mitsouko Catherine Ringer and Raoul Chichin) could have satisfy themselves by fructifying the family heritage by working in duo. They prefer to impose at five, an arithmetic that suit them well. She has the voice and the silhouette of her mother, he has the elastic length and the prodigious guitar touch of his father. The comparison stops here. At the lookalike game, Minuit prefers to dodge the issue to impose itself in its category: the one of a new kind of pop that doesn’t care about genders. Started two years ago (Simone, art student at that time, was realizing crazy illustrations that you can still find on the web), the quintet is now a band on its own. With their first eponym EP, launched last fall, that synthesized times and references. With sharp video clips – last one from their single ‘Caféïne’, has made miracles in its style… “Work in Progress”, a very young band, but also unique in the whole French territory: Minuit, a composition well in its time, Stanley Kubrick and Michael Jackson fan. Minuit, representative of a new generation of musicians, style added. A band that wants you to listen their music.

The music, for Minuit, is a DNA affair?

For us, it is a question of culture and experiences. Our parents are all fan of music or musicians. Very early we were music educated, this is where our will to make this passion a profession comes from.

Why this five person formation?

At the beginning it was almost a hazard. Minuit is born from the meeting of Raoul and Joseph that wanted to play music together, soon join by Klem. They needed a voice and they ask me to sing with them few times before Tanguy joined us. At that time I was living in Bruxelles, where I was studying in an art school… Nothing was planned.

Musically speaking, Minuit at the crossroads of several influences?

It is the foundation of our musical identity. We are making pop music with everything that it implies, from rock to funk… We are the fruit of a cultural mix. Everybody in the band has it preferences, with Prince and Michael Jackson as a common trunk.

Is the conformism something that afraids you?

If we look different, we do nothing to distinguish ourselves. It is more an ethic question. To us, what prevails it is to be faithful to what we are, not to conform to the trend. We don’t have the sense of the formula and that’s a blast!

The aestheticism aspect in the band, is that something important for you?

We see Minuit as an integral project. The image of a band, it is essential, on stage as in our video clips. We all dreamed of album covers, these kind of parallel universes… Even if we like a lot A$AP Rocky and its white suits, we could never have dressed ourselves in five identical uniforms. Each of us has its own personality that must be valued.

Your relationship with fashion, from stage to the city?

(Simone) I love clothes since I am young, I have always seen that as something fun. And what you cannot casually wear, you can keep it for stage where it is limitless.

Your biggest aestheticism shocks?

2001, A space odyssey, masters of 80’S funk as Rick James or Cameo, a James Turrell installation during the exhibition on kinetics art at the Grand Palais – a very important meeting, like these moments where time stops and you finish not far from being in trans.

Your definition of a fashion faux pas?

Something that is not assumed. The fashion faux pas evolves in permanence: in our time, even the ugly becomes trendy… It is so subjective. Everything passes.

What is your relationship to the clan, the tribe?

In the heart of Minuit, we act like a micro-society. It is an ultra-democratic formation, a very particular experience, without any hierarchy where we vote every decisions that we take.

The clothes is which every members of the tribe feel good?

The jeans, highly democratic too. We all wear jeans.

In tour in France starting the 17th of March.

* Minuit (Because Music) already published

Photos: Alexandre Tabaste