Rool Shiny Dress : Spring-Summer 2016 excellence prize.

Rallying point, revival of forms: few grams of lurex and veil change fashion.

It is a crazy dress, with no equal inventiveness. A false-shy that hides its game and reveals its charms when you take a closer look – the privilege of a woman that chooses not to choose between eroticism and mystery. From a distance, she gives whoever wears it a grunge schoolgirl look, associated to a military shirt and to masculine boots. When you look closer, she allies the shining disco lurex to a dark veil, a very promising mix. It is all Cecilia Bönström’s love for the music that express itself – a love elevated at the rank of common theme through her collections, her talent for mixing times and styles added. Revisited, transcended, the carefree 70’S savage attitude and the 90’S play the partners in crime when it comes to accompany the 2016 Parisian. At noon, it suggests more than it claims, at midnight it shines like a diamond in the dark.

Gif : Joe Molines

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