Kavy Camo Overshirt: the army jacket lands a starring role

A staple of any army uniform, this pivotal piece is getting a new lease on life from morning ’til night.
Directed by Franco-Belgian duo of Hannah & Joel fashion photographers ( ) , which Zadig gives free pass over this topic, it reinvents itself ... Taken from life.

In a brazen move, the army jacket has left the regiment behind to make a place for itself in the civilian world. No longer sacred but never banal, it is ready to prove itself. This version, updated by Zadig for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, is the must-have piece in the new urban wardrobe. Versatile and open to anything, it has carved out a spot in a woman’s closet, making the transition from early morning to dinner out with just a simple T-shirt. It marches to the beat of its own drum when matched with a bold black outfit with a rock flair. The camo print is now cool, a reminder of seventies-era pacifist demonstrations. The proportions have been reworked with a lighter volume to suit a free-spirited woman, the heroine of her own story who isn’t afraid of anything. Practical and functional (patch pockets, shoulder pads, zips), it puts a new spin on favorite fashion codes. When paired with a pinch of python, a lick of lace and a sailor’s cap, it makes all the difference. 

Photos : Hannah & Joël