Every year, the amount of plastic produced around the world is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. It devastating our ocean, killing marine life, and poisoning us slowly. Thinking the recycling effectiveness is either irresponsible or naive: 91% of this plastic is not recycled.

This issue is not the problem of others. It concerns you, it concerns all of us - whatever our beliefs, our vision of the world, our tastes, our differences. It's up to us to make things change. Our turtle with an unusual shape, caused by a 6-pack squeezing its shell as it grew, has become the symbol for a BAN OF SINGLE USE plastic.

We are very proud and honored that Cecilia Bönström, Artistic Director of Zadig & Voltaire, has put her talent at the service to this human cause, by customizing our “No More Plastic” turtle. We must act now if we don't want to have more plastic than fish in the ocean one day. We are the solution.

Join us, and sign the Manifesto. Wearing the pins No More Plastic is supporting the fight against plastic pollution.

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Photo credit: João Vianna

There is only one ocean that covers this planet.

Every other breath you take is oxygen produced in the ocean. It regulates our weather and forms the clouds that bring us fresh water to drink. It gives us food to eat, new medicines, jobs, energy, recreation and a climate we can thrive in. No matter where we live in the world, our future depends on a healthy ocean.

Our ocean is in danger from many threats but there is one that we the people are uniquely suited to address: plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is flowing from our homes and communities into rivers, onto beaches and down to the very depths of the ocean. Once in the ocean, this plastic breaks into smaller pieces that litter the sea floor, endanger marine life and contribute to health problems for us.

If nothing changes, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

We want our ocean to be abundant with LIFE, not with the plastic pollution that is choking wildlife and the natural environment while poisoning us in the process.

In response, we call for a BAN ON SINGLE USE PLASTIC, which comprises 50% of plastic pollution. We call on our favorite brands to find innovative alternatives to single use plastic products and packaging. We call on their capacity for creativity, invention and innovation to develop a solution good for us and for our planet.

We pledge to embrace those alternatives.

We are the solution.