Darwin, Bordeaux’s incubator

Stuck on the Garonne’s right bank, this transgender, ecological and collaborative space prefigures its period and gives the “la” at the same time: a green heart that can’t stop beating.

20 000 square foot constructed on an old casern and dedicated to ecology, sharing and responsible economy, DIY charm’s added…  At a time where crowd sharing and essential climate questions are at the heart of the debate, this space of reflection, incubation and creation noticed itself in all ways. Pioneer, the Darwin makes the cooperation and the mutualization the fundamental principles of a new business model. Offices, shops, eco-creative cluster and even a nursery go alongside. In everyday life you can also appreciate its canteen, do responsible grocery shopping in its convenience store, enjoy the skate park or discover emerging or confirmed cultural figures. Hip-hop, graphs, recycling workshops and electronic music abound. Last September, the very hype and concerned Ocean Climax Musical Festival established its headquarters here. Unusual, the whole thing is a brilliant mix of city fallow and eco certified elegance (shout out to the eco-lodge, to the urban farm and to the co-working space constructed with recycled pallets). The influence of this lab goes far beyond the simple ‘local curiosity’, the Darwin redefines the goals and the consequences of the crisis… And if you get involved just a little, the horizon seems endless.

Illustration: Hello Marine