Time stops at the Fotografiska Museet, posed on the quays.

Svenskt Tenn, ancestral bastion of national design founded in 1924. At crossroads of arts and craft and a norvegian liberty, wallpapers, dishes and sofas always make their impression even 100 years after.

Miss Clara hotel and its pure lines, a sober but warm refuge.

The place mixes genders with grace even in its restaurant.

The cinnamon buns, in the Fabrique bakery shop.

Christmas is in honor in the coffee shop and concept store Snickarbacken.

Deco, design and accessories, clothes and clockwork: Her Judditt shop a concentrate of comfort and inspirations.

Prepared lobsters, loyal delish in the chic hall of the Östermalms Saluhall.

 Stockholm as a box from the restaurant of the Fotografiska Museet.

Inspiration affair: in Cecilia Bönström’s country, the brand’s artistic director, Zadig also makes its show.



Model of temperance and balance, the Swedish capital is unique.

900 000 inhabitants, the attraction of big cities, the mid-tempo added: Stockholm is a “feel good” city by excellence, elevated by a lifestyle that online Swedish people seem able to cultivate. How not to fall in love with this capital at human dimensions, alert and exciting as a heart that beats? Even in winter, when day hours can be counted on the fingers of a hand, a unique feeling lives in the streets of the city – starting with the old neighborhood, the Gamla Stan, that you can visit by foot following the pavements and its characteristic façades, blazing at dawn. The Mecca of heritage, architecture and ecology (the numerous rehabilitate worker gardens as a testimony), the city multiplies its assets: we like to hang around between the shelves of its chic hall, the Östermalms Saluhall, famous for its vintage style and its shops dedicated to gastronomy. Few steps from here, the Miss Clara hotel – rehabilitate in the pure Lutheran tradition, perfect mix of design and sobriety – will make a perfect position when night falls. During daytime, cultural treasures multiply, from the royal palace to the Vasa, the war ship of Gustave Adolphe. Guy Bourdin or Martin Schoeller expose at the the Fotografiska Museet at the same time than the finest Scandinavian photographers. The building and its restaurant, all in glasses are worth seeing… Stockholm, city of water but also “green” city: among the numerous green lungs, we can notice the Rosendals Trädgård and its typical coffee shop build under an old greenhouse: you can play it traditional with the “fika”, an inevitable gourmet pause composed by coffee and cinnamon bread. The amateurs of culinary travels will try the adventure, 750 km up north until Fäviken, rated among the 50 best restaurant in the world. From experts opinion’s, it is a unique experience as a fire behind a tasteful ice.

Illustration: Hello Marine
Photos: Austin Feilders