Pont Neuf. From one bank to the other. More than ever... Zadig loves Paris! The real Paris. Raw asphalt, tattooed sidewalks. Cecilia BÖNSTRÖM makes a declaration of fashion to the city that inspired this urbanwear collection. For winter? She wraps up in an oversized masculine coat, reversible puffer jacket or fur-lined army parka. Cashmere also has its place, with a cosy poncho or cardigan, oversized turtleneck or kimono-sleeved sweater revealing a silk dress or lacy cami. Liberty, feather and cannabis leaf prints for a feminine, rocker look. Lena boots round off the vibe, tagging the street in bright green, Prussian blue and intense red. Breaking the sportswear rules in style. Easy life in a neoprene sweatshirt and chic trousers, trimmed with silver and gold bias tape. Cold or not cold – one attitude: “This is Zadig”.