Spring/Summer 2016: the spirit of a collection

Comforting, sexy, sensitive and never ostentatious: more than ever, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection by Zadig & Voltaire takes women forward. It’s all about nuances and subtle details. Cecilia Bönström fills us in.

You’ve always maintained a close relationship with your clientele. What did you want to offer your customers with this new collection?
The key word, for me when I designed it, was “fresh”. I wanted to let the Zadig soul shine through in a simple way.

This new collection is also a symbol of freedom.
It’s a collection for a woman who’s free to dress how she likes, mixed with a sort of elegant just-don’t-care attitude – nomad meets British prep school, like a young Jane Birkin, who inspired me. She’s the perfect muse!

Dresses take the spotlight in this new collection. Why?
The Zadig & Voltaire look is first and foremost about mixing masculine and feminine styles. More than ever, dresses belong here. But they’re dresses worn in an untraditional way, very simple, as if you were slipping on a T-shirt. Dresses without all the fluff.

Flared trousers are also iconic…
These are also a throwback to Jane Birkin – a piece I’ll only do this summer. The Plare – their name – was cut to ankle length with scissors, and I added matte rivets. They work great with the Victorian shirts from the collection – they’re really fantastic!

You’ve also dared to put together unique combinations, like the army overshirt with an asymmetrical dress in voile with Lurex detailing.
I love setting off a feminine style with sporty or masculine elements, including for evening. I find that comforting! The Zadig look is about collisions, surprises… Pairing this army jacket with an ultra-sophisticated piece takes this philosophy one step farther.

You also play with white a lot. What does it mean to you?
It’s an iconic color, as strong as black. A girl who goes for head-to-toe white is clearly rock! I wanted it to be a center point in the Zadig universe this summer. Alongside a lot of leather pieces: shorts, leggings, dresses with suede insets…

Beyond style, Zadig has also become famous for its technical innovations. What have you been working on for this season?
I completely reworked the classic jeans, with a nod to Kurt Cobain. It was a real feat, practically a work of art. The result is one-of-a-kind and rather astonishing.

What are the three must-haves from this Spring/Summer 2016 line?
The Candide Canvas bag, in leather and canvas to celebrate summer; the Pharel Deluxe leggings in leather revamped with zips; and the little Rage Fishnet sweater in Lurex with narrow black and gold stripes, a round neck and short sleeves. It’s my new take on the Breton top.

What does this collection say about you as a woman?
“Less is more” is still my motto. Zadig clothing must be fresh, functional and have a clear stylistic voice; the pieces also have to work for any occasion. My goal is to make things simple – but not simplistic – in a complicated world.


Photo : Alexandre Tabaste