Music lover, passionate: music stands a special part in Cecilia Bönström’s life. Like a common theme, an inspiration source in all Zadig & Voltaire’s collections.

Rock is part of Zadig’s DNA. How does this passion for music came to you?
As a child I was already sleeping with the radio turned on, I always had music as a background sound. And when you create, it is an element as influent as art. I am glad to work in the fashion industry, but I would have love to do music. I can’t imagine living without it… To me it is the best antidepressant medicine.

What kind of music lover are you in the everyday life?
I listen to music at night or on the streets: I walk a lot, always with headphones – this is where my ideas come from. But I need silence to work: creation has its dream part but it also is a very pragmatic thing. It requires a lot of concentration, organization and I exchange a lot with my teams: everybody needs to get along.

Your first musical memory? Your first concert?
My first concert was Michael Jackson in Göteborg. And my first musical memory, Abba: their songs are classics and I know the lyrics by heart. It was my biggest musical crush as a teenager. Abba is part of who I am, of my culture.

Is there a group, an artist or a musical gender that you particularly appreciate those days?
I listen to everything, I am completely digital in the way I apprehend music. Thanks to Shazam, I shuffle and discover new songs and do my own playlists. It is extraordinary! This is how I discover The Avener: her first hit ‘Fade Out Lines’ gives me wings.

The leather is a rock material by definition. What is its place in Zadig’s collections?
It comes back strong in my collections, but as I love playing with contrasts I prefer unexpectedly use it: by cutting a leather overall, for example, or making shirts out of it… I play with this material to make a less first degree interpretation of it.

The ultimate rock clothes of Zadig’s dressing?
The Mods Defile boots. When you think about a Londoner rock star, or a rock n roll girl, you think about those kind of sharp boots in the spirit of the “Chelsea boots”.

The Kills or Sean Lennon already posed for Zadig. Who else would you love to have as a muse?
Paolo Nutini. It is a young and very thin Scottish, very discrete and poetic, that evokes rock codes and the lifestyle that goes with it in a very sharp way – I think about his song ‘New Shoes’ for example. I love his figure, his voice… He has a tormented and sensitive side that attracts and inspires me.

If one person should sum rock n roll up. Who would it be?
Mick Jagger – freedom, pure cool attitude. The top model Erin Wasson that represented Zadig has the same aura. She is never conventional. Erin is the feminine version of Jagger! I like a lot this sort of ‘I don’t care’ attitude when it comes with a real talent.

Who had you in mind when you created the new iconic pieces of the spring-summer 16 collection?
The 70’S Keith Richards and Nirvana: Kurt Cobain is someone really inspirational for my generation. He has marked his time. My denim pieces where inspired by him… I love grunge when its mixed, tiled shirts wore with a chic blaze… This kind of mix makes fashion something really personal. Keith Richards is present through the suits I created, the floppy necktie shirts… These are two inspiring people, with in background the idea of freedom and freshness that I wanted.

For Christmas 2015, Zadig created headphones in partnership with Frends. Why this choice?
I wanted to design feminine headphones, a “jewel” that would change and divert codes: the golden mate color, the camo print… As a brand, it is great to do cross, modern products that mix elegance and technical skills.

A hit or an album that sums your last collection up?
“Je t’aime moi non plus” – the Gainsbourg/ Birkin version. Jane has also influenced this summer collection a lot : the Baby Doll dresses, the Victorian shirts or the big buckle belt… My idea was to think about the manner that this absolute icon would dress in 2016.

In which ways is Parisian girl Rock n Roll?
She is sophisticated but with a false neglected air… It is an explosive mix! The way she does her hair, wears her bag, her trench coat, the way she associates a high waist jeans with a silk shirt, it is very sexy… It is never old fashioned and classic! It gives her a pure rock attitude.

Photo: Alexandre Tabaste

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