Week Two of Paris Fashion Week. On 3 October, at the Zadig & Voltaire head office in the chic 16th arrondissement, press and celebrities were invited to the paved courtyard of Zadig & Voltaire’s private mansion to discover the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The green grass carpet was rolled out under the heels of the top names in Paris fashion and a catwalk of models epitomized the Easy Life in true style. With accessories hanging from swings and amidst the rustic décor of this Haussmann-esque garden party, Zadig & Voltaire revealed a summer collection with a definitively carefree attitude. Prints of Cecilia Bonström’s all-over “Circus and Pirate” tattoos designed by Virginia Elwood were in free supply, with the New York guest of honour delivering a stylish live performance on canvas. Meanwhile, under the multi-coloured flags of this veritable ode to fashion, Cyril Lignac prepared stunning dishes for a resolutely rock lunchtime.