Rembrandt street, Kinugawa and the Monceau park: Thierry Gillier’s major places.

The founder of Zadig & Voltaire is an art and Japanese refinement amateur: the 100% Parisian interview of Thierry Gillier.

The principal personality trait of Parisians… and yours.
Impatience… and mine? Demanding.

The Parisian’s quality that you cherish?
Their allure

And their major fault?
Their snobbery.

Your favorite occupation in Paris?
Visiting art galleries.

Are you more a ham and butter or a St-Honoré person?
Ham and butter

One Parisian gallery?
Almine Rech

What women lack today?
A man

One coffee shop: Le Flore, Les Deux Magots or the coffee shop around the corner?
Les Deux Magots

A neighborhood: Saint-Germain or the Marais?

One iconic Parisian?
Jane Birkin and Marion Cotillard.

Two records to listen while walking in Paris?
To Let Myself Go from The Aveners and Gainsbourg.

Your favourite street?
Rembrandt street.

The color that suits Paris best?

A monument that you can’t get tired of?
The Eiffel Tower.

The arts bridge or the Alexander III one?
Alexander III

Your favorite Parisian canteen?

One garden?
The Monceau park.

Your favorite Zadig & Voltaire shop?
The one on the Montaigne Avenue.

What would you bring for a week end in the countryside?
My velvet jeans.

Your favorite piece from Zadig & Voltaire’s new collection?
Our new it-bag the Candide.


* 64, rue de Turenne (Paris III).
* 9, rue du Mont-Thabor (Paris I).