Wax, moldings, precious flowers and pearls : transcended materials, “relics from our society that I class in boxes while waiting to transform them into new pieces” explains Mimosa.

Painting as a refuge: “I always need to paint. Even if I do something totally different, there is always a space in my workshop where this stays possible”.

The winter garden, explorations and inspirations territory: the green space near the workshop is made for plants research purpose.

Hair-removing wax, collected medicines, spines and wood… Phallic objects or meticulously sublimed layouts, until abstraction, by the artist.


Mimosa Echard, trivial pursuit

As a particular case, this young French plastics technician has make her everyday life an experimentation field. She transforms relics at the crossroads of a certain primitivism and abstraction.

“I love to observe forms and nature’s strange transformations, decays of materials. It is an obsession.” Mimosa Echard has made its work a cabinet of curiosity where erosion has always something to say. Fixed and unfixed acrylics like a skin in mutation, sealed in wax accumulations… Here the paint layers let catch a glimpse at movies screenshots transformed in abstract paintings. Here the fake nails associate themselves to pivot flowers to elaborate work of art, a sponge piece gruyere shaped go alongside spirulina tablets… The work of this adopted Parisian born in 1986 has something marvelous, from transfiguration and sensitive cannibalism between elements. From its childhood spent in the Cévennes, she kept the gleaning: “I pick up a lot of stuffs during my travels – fragments and pieces of our society” explains Mimosa, she also confesses that she links those objects to both an apocalyptic and romantic vision of the world. Humor, this kind of language that has its place in art is never far from her compositions that nourish themselves in pop culture as well. Between her predilection materials, the depilatory wax ‘an interesting material, smooth and shiny that sends back to feminine body cares or to sexuality’. She makes phallic forms or sarcophagus to her work out of it. Revealed by the 57th edition of the Montrouge Salon in 2012, she exposed in Barcelone, at the Tokyo Palais or in Los Angeles. When she is not creating, she transforms her garden into a ‘preraphaelit composition – a very funny curatorial project that leads me to make researches on toxic berries, ferns or white roses’. When it comes to define her art, wild and fantasmagorical, the mystery in entire. Confronted to the question, Mimosa Echard prefers to conclude as you send back a ball, with an evasive ‘I don’t know!’

 Mimosa Echard exposes in Paris to the Samy Abraham gallery, 43 Ramponeau street (Paris 20)

Photos: Alexandre Tabaste