Mythic Paris: the capital interview of Frédéric Beigbeder

The unruly child of the left bank declares his love for the capital between style exercises and Proust questionnaire. 

The major character of the Parisian and yours?
The lightness

Her quality that you cherish?
The nastiness

Her major fault?
When her breath smells like champagne.

 Your favorite occupation in Paris when you’re not working?
Hanging around on the Seine’s banks.

More ham and butter sandwich or St-honoré cake?
More hot ham and butter sandwich (it’s called a croquet-monsieur)

Your favorite neighborhood?
Barbès-Rochechouart. No, just kidding: Saint-Germain-des-Prés of course.

In your opinion what do women lack nowdays?
They don’t have enough everyday orgasms.

A writer that talks about Paris like no one?
Baudelaire in ‘Le spleen de Paris: the idles tired of doing nothing waddle…’

A mythic scene, screened in Paris?
All the sequences at the Flore café in ‘La Maman et la Putain’

A coffee shop: The Flore, the Deux-Magot or the one around the corner?
You are talking to the founder of the Flore prize! I almost feel offended by this question.

Two hits to listen to while hanging around in Paris?
Every songs from the Eagles of Death Metal.

Your favorite canteen?
L’Ami Louis.*

A work of art that sums Paris up?

A bar to get a drink late at night?
The Montana**

A monument that you can’t get tired of?
The Dauphine place, triangular like a pubis.

A very Parisian icon?
Camille Rowe, when she was called Pourcheresse.

A Parisian ritual that you are used to?
Buy the Charlie Hebdo every Wednesday.

Your best Parisian memory?
My party for the 30th birthday of the Caca’s Club, this year with all my old friends, in the middle of 

If you had to escape town for a week end what would you put in your luggage?
Katherine Mansfield’s short stories.

Your favorite piece in Zadig’s new collection?
The big navy cardigan that makes me look like a mountain bear.

Your favorite Zadig’s store to go shopping?
The one on the Vieux-Colombier street.

Do you feel 100% Parisian? And why?
I was born here and I’ll die here.

 Photo: JF Paga

  ** L’Ami Louis, 32 rue du Vertbois (Paris III).
** The Montana, 28 rue Saint-Benoît (Paris VI).


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