Right bank, Olympia and Grand Palais: the cardinal Paris of Nach.

Curious and passionate Parisian, Nach aka Anna Chedid, turned her city into both a cocoon and a source of ultimate festivities.

The principal character of the Parisian and yours?
Loving his city.

His quality that you prefer?
His curiosity.

His major fault?
The fault of every person living in a city: never taking enough time. Because we don’t respect nature’s rhythm we live the wrong way.

Your favorite occupation in Paris?
Seat on a coffee shop’s terrace and watch people pass by, stop time and write.

Are you more a ham and butter sandwich or a St-Honoré person?
Jambon-Beurre of course! I’m not into sugar.

More Olympia or POPB?
Olympia of course

A mythic movie filmed in Paris?
A bout de souffle by Godard

A verse or a citation that sums the city up?
“I love your craziness, your joy, from day to night, my heart belongs to you”- an extract from ‘Oh yeah I love you’ one of my song dedicated to Paris.*

One coffee shop: The Flore, The Deux Magots or the one around the corner?
The one around the corner. The most pleasant places often are the simplest ones.

Your favorite area?
Pigalle! I hang around in Douai street, I look at the music shops, I go to concerts at La Cigale, at the Boule Noire and at the Trianon… I eat in Martyrs street and in Trudaine avenue.

Your favorite canteen?
Super Nature, in Trévise street.**

A very Parisian icon either feminine or masculine?
Juliette Gréco.

One bank: left or right?
Right of course! I am born on the left bank but the right bank is my favorite one.

One Parisian ritual that you would never miss?
I love visiting small shops to buy my presents. I am note very keen on big shops.

One magical place during Christmas?
Notre-Dame, that becomes fabulous under the snow.

Two songs to listen while walking around in Paris?
“Let it happen” from Tame Impala and “Bollywood” from Patrick Watson.

Your favorite street?
Mine, Montmartre street.

One color that sums the city up?
Grey and gold.

One monument you can get tired of?
The Grand Palais.

One Parisian place with whom you have a particular relation?
The Maris, were I grew up. It’s a beautiful area.

Your best Parisian memory?
The first secret ‘Fête de la musique’, drinks were flowing and microphones were larsening in the streets.

To escape town for a week end, what would you put in your suitcase?
One book and my hiking shoes.

Touring in France; Parisian concert (café de la Danse) the 17th February 2016.

*Extract from her ‘NACH’ album (Polydor), already available
** Super Nature, 12 Trévise street (Paris IX)

Picture: Margaux Shore