Amazing Amsterdam

Europe’s Progressive and easy-going gem opens its arms to travelers year round.

It’s a fairy tale kingdom, secular and modern – and simply amazing. Since its rise in the Middle Ages, the city’s reputation has been well established. Flemish painters immortalized it in all its splendor and today it remains a unique gem. Generous and romantic, Amsterdam’s many cultural treasures, heritage and other historical relics are woven around its network of canals. The city never ceases to amaze and is a constant ode to architecture, culture and especially design; we’ve lost count of its many boutiques, all exquisite and specialized.

The very organic Sukha offers a range of irresistible textiles, dishware and objects in infinite shades of white that hit every tone from chalk to cream. We could easily wile away the hours in this eco-friendly Dutch-designed cocoon. Anna + Nina is a shabby chic haven of wonders where you can find jewelry, stationery, pillows and gifts, while Atelier Tempel offers a wide selection of pottery – all magnificent – bags and dolls in a marvelously naive and arty style.

While Amsterdam’s many museums are among the most visited in the world, its art galleries are also worth a gander. Stigter van Doesburg has a sharp eye and a talent for spotting young contemporary artists (you never leave here disappointed) and the not-to-be-missed Galerie Fons Welters is like a mini art fair. It is a city that can feed the soul and the body: Amsterdam the environmentalist, where cars are banned and bicycles reign, collects tiny spots where you can eat organic food, like the Cold Pressed Juicery that promises big results (“The Reset,” “The Fix,” “The Iron Man,” among others) located just a few steps away from the local Zadig & Voltaire shop.

Screaming Beans, which has its very own academy, has become a master of the science of coffee and the art of bean roasting. Stop by to pick up a bag of beans, and then perhaps linger a while longer for lunch. Other local foodie spots include Buffet van Odette, a 20-year-old institution whose terrace and view are as nice as its eggplant and truffle ravioli, or De laaste Kruimel, which elevates local pastries into art. Those who love offbeat places should check out De Kas, situated in a former municipal greenhouse. It is extraordinary, magical. For a place to rest your weary head, try a local hotel like the Maison Rika, an exceptional guesthouse in the very hip Nine Streets district. The view over the canals is breathtaking and the ambiance ultra cozy. In this lovely little nest, amazing Amsterdam begins to feel like home sweet home.

Sukha : Haarlemmerstraat 110
Anna + Nina : Gerard Doustraat 94
Atelier Tempel : Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 20
Stigter van Doesburg : Elandsstraat 90
Galerie Fons Welters : Bloemstraat 140-C
Cold Pressed Juicery : Willemsparkweg 8H
Screaming Beans : Hartenstraat 12
Buffet van Odette : Prinsengracht 598
De laaste Kruimel : Langebrugsteeg 4
De Kas : Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
Maison Rika : Oude Spiegelstraat 9

Illustration : Hello Marine
Photos : Austin Feilders