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DELLY AZ pullover: Lamb wool plays it old school. Skillfully knitted, its grunge spirit is softened by the subtle flecked colors for a finely shaded silhouette.

CAMEL caraco: A woman must have, this upside inside out Zadig’s essential loves refinement, tone on tone laces and silk crepe. Reveal this discrete one under your mesh.

VIALO coat: With this long coat re-cut to face winter, Zadig creates the perfect mix between a shoft armor and a cocoon. A confident fake fur that knows how to unleash itself

VIVA BIS CUSTO jacket: An inevitable of the brand, part of Zadig’s DNA. A perfect stature, beveled and studded wrists, perfect length and curves, choc between bright and matt… Zadig’s jacket takes the incendiary red jacket to a whole other level.


Thought material

Stellar details, crazy lines and exclusive shapes: a festive spirit floats on this season’s creations. Collect them, offer them or keep them for yourself!