Marais, fedora and Serge Gainsbourg: the stylish side of Paris by Patricia Manfield

Musician, trendsetter, icon of the cool: she perfectly incarnates our time, always ahead of the trend. At 23 years old, Italian Patricia Manfield is one of a kind with her sharp eye and her strong personality. Edgy, friendly, she transforms the effervescence of the Parisian fashion week, during whom we met her, a pure relaxing moment. Which Parisian quality you love? Her self-assurance and her nonchalance: she always manage to be casual and chic at the same time.

Her major fault?
I don’t see it. Maybe the fact that she is a real competitor to us, Italian women, as far as men are concerned…

Your favorite Parisian neighbourhood?
The Marais, for its vintage and hypes shops, its museums, its small restaurants… The whole Paris is encapsulated here.

Your favorite outfit for a working day in Paris?
A leather pants or jeans associated to a white t-shirt and an oversized camel or panther coat. For the evening: a mini skirt and a very sober top.

What inspires you in Paris?
The architecture, so fantastic! You have to be up to it.

Three terms that define you?
Eclectic, versatile and ahead of the trend.

A Parisian men that particularly moves you?
Serge Gainsbourg. How not to fall for his charisma?

What do you love doing outside fashion?
Music is my other reason of living. I am recording an album and my first single will be out in September. I also love to mix genders in music: pop, electro and hip hop.

Your favorite French musician?
Kavinsky. I’m crazy about him.

Two hits to hang out in Paris’ streets?
“Ultralight Beam” from Kanye West and “The Less I Know The Better” from Tame Impala.

A cloth or an accessory typically Parisian?
A felt fedora. I see a lot of them here. Easier to wear than a beret.

What makes Zadig & Voltaire’s style to your opinion?
Its both rock’n’roll and Parisian side. And Cecilia Bönström of course. She has a sharp sense of the cool, she creates a style perfectly adapted to the women of her time.

Your favorite piece of the spring-summer 2016 collection?
The Ranil spotless dress that I just bought. Its innocence itself.

A crazy thing that you’ve done here?
Running a half-marathon in spite of me. My cab was blocked in the middle of the race that happened yesterday. So I ran with the athletes in dress and heels and with their encouragements.

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