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Delphine Royant editor of Vogue magazine and Carol Gerland the artistic and communication director of the brand Zadig et Voltaire
Total Look Zadig by Vogue
Melanie Thierry and virginie Ledoyen.
Cecilia Bonstrom and Irina Lazareanu

Zadig moments


Some happy few, tops, trend setters: an event unlike any other takes places. In the boutique situated on François 1er street in Paris, Zadig celebrates with Vogue magazine the coming of its new bag: Candide, the new fashion eminence, celebrated as far as New York a few hours earlier during a similar event. With Thierry Gillier, founder of the brand, ZV’s designer Cecilia Bönström and the artistic and communication director Carol Gerland, the excitement reigns just around the corner of Montaigne avenue… « Easy chic» spirit on top: Irina Lazareanu instagrams with Alice Aufray, Mélanie Thierry and Virginie Ledoyen converse about their attachment to the initials Z&V, to « Z&V’s cashmere and boots, which became inseparable.» Privilege of the moment: at the counter, you can have your own bag customized, with your name or initials: golden, silver letters or embossing in matching shades. In a few seconds Pamela Love’s own Candide bag will thus be customized.

While waiting, the New Yorker designer and creator of a capsule collection in collaboration with Zadig a few seasons ago underlines the « quite unique way Zadig has to consider and create fashion, especially with this classy and versatile bag– in the best sense of the word. The details – the padlock in particular – male all the difference. This bag kind of has a harsh side which contrasts with a more urban or rock outline/silhouette. I particularly like to take XL, in camel or black. » Same craze for ZV, according to the top model Malgosia: « I have always found myself in the Zadig style, which I discovered when I moved to Paris – at that time, I was stealing my ex’s cashmeres knits. A really strong, assertive opinion. I can see it here, summed up in a bag. With the Candide, there is something which deals with self-assertion. » According to the brands addicts as well as the Zadig team, this nouveau genre bag is approved unanimously. Candide plays the conqueror.

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